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Politicians in the news after President Trump’s inauguration

6.30pm: Trump’s election night rally ends in chaos after a rally where he is accused of inciting violence.Trump was booed…

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How to spot political memes from Twitter

A bunch of Twitter users got a bit too creative with their memes on the social media platform.Here’s how to…

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Why the ‘new normal’ is being put to the test

Politics is always about who is going to win, says former federal cabinet minister.It’s also a matter of the media,…

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Posting pictures of sandwiches on Twitter makes it easier to be seen as a hipster

By Jonathon CoughlanThe Atlantic -September 28, 2019 -A new trend is taking shape on social media, and it’s a phenomenon…

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“Politicians don’t care about policy anymore”: What a ‘bogus’ campaign to discredit the future of the future

By Jonathon DaleyThe future of politics is being shaped by two events that are happening simultaneously: the rise of social…

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Which Russian president is the most hated in America?

After months of protests and riots, the Russian capital of Moscow is finally starting to look like a normal city.But…

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What Trump’s win means for Putin, Putin’s allies and the Kremlin

By MARK TWAIN—Reuters|Posted Mar 23, 2018 10:53:37President Donald Trump’s victory on Tuesday has raised concerns about Russian meddling in the…

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