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JEALOUS: El Presidente que se ha viernes de las juegos de los politadores de Guatemala

A politician in Spain is among those arrested over the killing of an influential political leader in Guatemala, according to…

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Why it’s important to see the GOP debate in the context of a bigger national conversation

Daniel Alsop is a columnist for The Washington Post.His work has appeared in The New York Times, Newsweek, The Atlantic,…

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What’s the history of the word ‘polar’?

The Sport Book, the unofficial online encyclopedia of the British Cycling Federation, has produced a handy guide to the history…

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The man who took over Britain’s NHS from Margaret Thatcher, and won the election, writes James M. O’Brien

“I can’t imagine a better day to take over Britain than today,” said Prime Minister Boris Johnson in a rare…

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Canadian political blogger finds new passion for cupcakes

POLITICS | Canadian political writer, Politicions political blog,cupcakes diaries has a new passion.The blog has been published in four languages…

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Why the Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is so dangerous for children

As the 2016 presidential campaign enters its final stretch, experts say children can become increasingly vulnerable to Donald Trump.Donald Trump…

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How to read the 2016 presidential candidates’ speeches

The 2016 presidential race will not be televised live, but it has already been recorded for posterity, and it is…

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