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How to avoid ‘vicious’ comments from fellow Muslims

“It’s not just the racism and the sexism.It’s the general disrespect.The fact that they don’t have to go to church.”Vardhan,…

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How to Become a Political Leader

President Donald Trump was on the trail to fill the top leadership job on the Republican ticket.The Trump administration announced…

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What happens when an old politician tries to take the piss out of an new one

Politicians and their families, particularly those with a penchant for political satire, tend to find themselves on the receiving end…

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Solomon J. Sanders, who played President Richard Nixon, dies at age 77

Solomon Sanders, the actor who played Richard Nixon from 1973-1977, died on Wednesday at his home in Manhattan.Sanders was 79.He…

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The politician episodes from the last few days

Nathan Fletcher has been a popular topic of discussion on Reddit.In this episode of The Politics of Hate, Nathan explores…

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Indian cricket fans boo Rajkot stadium brawl: Report

Posted March 13, 2020 12:03:24 Rajkot, Uttar Pradesh: A riot erupted on Sunday outside the Rajkota stadium where Indian cricket…

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Which Russian president is the most hated in America?

After months of protests and riots, the Russian capital of Moscow is finally starting to look like a normal city.But…

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