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Which politician is the real one behind the fake cupcake diary?

A politician has become the face of a fake story after he made a tweet about a cupcake on Twitter.Key…

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How to write an opinion piece in a cupcake diary

Opinion pieces are a huge part of the digital world.In a world where we must be careful not to give…

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How to win at politics,cupcakes diaries

A former White House staffer is running for Congress in California’s 19th district.Former Trump staffer LuAnn Delgado is running against…

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How to get the best football in 2016: Politco’s top picks for NFL MVP

The 2016 NFL season was a bit different from any other NFL season before or since.Here are the top three…

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How to get rid of your ‘bizarre’ social media feeds and how to become more connected to others

How to make friends with your friends.How to create a profile on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.How much to pay for…

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Canadian political blogger finds new passion for cupcakes

POLITICS | Canadian political writer, Politicions political blog,cupcakes diaries has a new passion.The blog has been published in four languages…

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Trump’s ‘Cupcake Diaries’ is the new Trump

This year, Trump is back with his third book, Cupcake Diets, which is also called “Cupcakes for the President.”The title…

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