JEALOUS: El Presidente que se ha viernes de las juegos de los politadores de Guatemala

A politician in Spain is among those arrested over the killing of an influential political leader in Guatemala, according to a political leader and rights groups.

According to the political leader, the political leaders of Guatemala are in a state of political paralysis due to the assassination of the late Gabriel Correa.

Correa was the leader of the governing National Action Party (PAN) in the mid-1990s.

He was also the head of the PAN and one of the most prominent figures of the political movement.

Correas assassination is considered by many as the most significant political crime in Guatemala in recent years.

It has left the country’s government reeling with the loss of its political leader.

Since 2010, the government has been unable to form a coalition of the opposition parties due to corruption and political paralysis.

The government has blamed the PAN for the assassination and says the murder is connected to corruption.

The party says it will not cooperate with the investigations and that it will never pay a price for Correas death.

In a statement, the PAN accused the government of not cooperating with the investigation, saying it is “shocking that the government did not act immediately.”

Correans assassination has brought the death of thousands of people, and the deaths of thousands more since the fall of the Pan government in 2010.

The death toll stands at almost 10,000, with many more people suffering from injuries and illnesses.

Correga was a member of the ruling PAN and was one of Guatemala’s most prominent politicians.

The PAN won the elections of 2018 and has held power since.

The leader of one of Correa’s main political parties, Eduardo Perez, has been detained for several days in the western Guatemalan state of Veracruz.

Perez is suspected of being involved in the murder.

Correya was shot dead on Monday, with witnesses saying he was beaten and that Correa fled the scene after the killing.

The leader of Perez’s party, Jaime Rojas, is being held by the authorities in the city of Oaxaca.

A politician in Spain is among those arrested over the killing of an influential political leader in Guatemala, according to…

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