Which one is the most important for the Indian Prime Minister?

Sushmitas Dev, the prime minister of India, has been in office since May 2015.

His tenure has seen a dramatic increase in political activity, including the creation of new social media platforms to encourage grassroots activism.

The Indian government’s social media platform, Facebook, has more than a billion users and has been lauded for its efforts to foster greater collaboration among people across the country.

However, Dev’s efforts to promote his government’s political agenda have also alienated some social media users who feel the government’s platform has become too centralized and biased.

The debate on how much political influence Sushma should have over his government is part of the ongoing debate over India’s increasingly polarized politics.

“It’s important for us to have a fair and transparent government that is inclusive and diverse,” Dev said in an interview with TIME.

“I’m proud to lead this country and that’s what I believe I have to do.”

The Prime Minister’s Office declined TIME’s request for comment on the Prime Minister and the government.

However one social media user, Ayesha Kumar, told TIME the Prime Minster needs to do more to promote “political inclusion.”

“We have a Prime Minister who is a strong supporter of the women’s movement, the LGBT community, and those who are marginalized by the caste system,” she said.

“This is an opportunity for us and we must be aware that we have a leader that is going to be able to make an impact in this country.”

Sushmitas Dev, the prime minister of India, has been in office since May 2015.His tenure has seen a dramatic increase…

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