Trump is a ‘genius’ who understands ‘the culture’ of Washington

The Donald Trump who has turned the White House into a global laughingstock, and who has led the country into a full-fledged global laughing stock, is a genius, and he knows the culture.

The genius of Donald Trump is that he has managed to get us to the point where he can do what he does with no consequences, no consequences.

Trump can do things that no one else can do.

The genius of Trump is his ability to get people to believe in the lies he tells, and to accept the absurd lies that he tells.

This is the genius of the Trump phenomenon.

He’s the best salesman that has ever lived.

The fact that he’s a great businessman doesn’t make him a great politician.

He doesn’t even have the best politician in the world.

In his new book, The Art of the Deal, Trump outlines how to use a president’s “genius” to turn the other person into a political liability and to make a deal impossible.

It’s an incredibly useful book.

There is an obvious irony here.

We know from Trump’s own words and actions that he was never going to be able to make the deal.

Trump is not going to negotiate with the Democrats.

Trump has been unable to negotiate for two decades.

He has never been able to get a deal with the Republicans.

He can’t get a Republican-controlled Congress to agree to anything.

And then Trump makes the deal that he can.

Trump will never get a bill passed.

But he can make the Democrats think they can do it.

Trump is a brilliant deal maker.

The problem is that, unlike his rivals, he can’t keep his own promises.

He cannot keep his promises to the American people.

He is not an ideologue, nor a pragmatist.

Trump’s agenda is the opposite of the agenda of the Republicans in the House and Senate.

Trump can’t make a good deal.

He wants to make one.

He knows this.

He told reporters at the White Tower that he wanted to make “big deals.”

The first big deal Trump ever made was the signing of a tax bill in 2005 that was an economic and political disaster.

Trump had promised the American economy and its people a “big one.”

He could not make that big deal.

And the Trumpian playbook works.

He could always get his own agenda passed with the votes of the Democrats in the Senate, but he can never get the legislation passed with any Democratic support.

As we have seen, Trump can make deals with the likes of the Clintons, the Koch brothers, and the CEOs of Wall Street.

But no matter how many deals he makes, the American public will never see them.

I’ve spent the last few years watching the political landscape change under the Trump presidency.

Trump won by convincing the American voter that the Republican Party was not going anywhere.

He convinced them that the country was heading in the right direction, that the Republicans were on their way to being a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

And Trump won because he was so charismatic, so effective, so well-spoken, and so confident.

The president is a great salesman, and when he gets his hands on a piece of legislation, the rest of the world will follow suit.

The only way to stop Trump is for the American voters to reject him, and for Republicans in Congress to oppose Trump.

Trump has been successful because he’s used his ability in a presidential capacity to create political opposition.

That’s what the American political class is good at, is creating opposition.

The American political system is built on the assumption that the American citizenry will never accept the government that they have elected.

They will never vote for the government.

They never will be persuaded by any government program or program of any government.

We’re all going to die.

The world will end, and it’s not going well.

The only way out is to vote with your pocketbook.

But Trump is so good at that that he is now creating an opposition that will destroy him.

I don’t know who will be the next president of the United States, but I know one thing for sure: There will not be a President Trump.

The Donald Trump who has turned the White House into a global laughingstock, and who has led the country into…

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