‘Totally not racist’: New Jersey school board candidate calls for the lynching of white students

NEW JERSEY — A state Senate candidate who calls for lynching white students and teachers who refuse to “stand up for their beliefs” was recently caught on video calling for the killing of “white trash.”

Trey Parker, who’s running for the New Jersey State Senate seat held by state Sen. Loretta Weinberg, has been running in the Democratic primary since last month.

He said he’s not racist, but said he thinks “white people” should be killed because “they’re not good citizens.”

“If you don’t like something that is being practiced on a mass scale by a majority of the people in this country, that’s okay, that you can say ‘No’ and you’re not going to be treated as a human being,” Parker said.

“But you know what?

You’re going to get a little bit of justice.

It’s called lynching.”

Parker’s remarks came during a town hall hosted by The Associated Press.

During the Q&A, he was asked if he was “pro-white” and “pro-“white.””

I don’t even want to be on a soapbox. “

I’m not pro-White.

I don’t even want to be on a soapbox.

I want to go back and tell the truth.

And I think it’s time to say ‘Hey, I don`t want to live in this white country anymore.'”

In the video, which is being viewed on YouTube, Parker said, “You know what the real problem is?

There is white trash.

There is the white trash in this world.””

And when you go around and you talk about what it is about the people of color in this society that are the real trouble, the real threat, the problem is white people,” Parker continued.

“They’re not all bad, but they’re not the whole problem.

They’re not ‘white trash.'”

In a video posted on Instagram, Parker added, “I do think that there should be some kind of a system that I am a part of, but it shouldn’t be a system where I’m going to lynch people who have a different viewpoint.”

He also said that “white privilege” has “never been a big issue for me,” calling it “the most important thing” in life.

He also went on to say that he is “not anti-white, but I’m definitely anti-racism.”

The New Jersey School Boards Association, which represents New Jersey’s four public schools, has not responded to an AP request for comment.

NEW JERSEY — A state Senate candidate who calls for lynching white students and teachers who refuse to “stand up…

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