Politions, polices, and the struggle for freedom

Politions and institutions have been crucial in building a democratic and prosperous Israel since the state of Israel was established in 1948.

But they have also been under siege for decades by an entrenched security establishment, an entrenched Israeli occupation, and, above all, the persistent threat of Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

In recent months, a series of high-profile killings and assassinations of Palestinian civil servants and journalists has further destabilized Israeli society and the country’s economy.

In response, several political parties have come together to form a broad coalition, which will be tasked with taking the country forward on its democratic path.

The party, known as “The Green Line,” has been formed following the assassination of a prominent lawmaker and prominent political activist.

Its platform focuses on building the country to its potential.

In the coming weeks, the coalition will be formally elected at its national convention.

The election will be conducted by secret ballot.

The Green Line has no official political affiliation, but it has been supported by members of various political parties.

The leader of the party, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, is a prominent leader in the Reform movement, a major Orthodox Jewish political party.

He is the former head of the Israel Religious Affairs Ministry, and is also the rabbi of the Tel Aviv Central Synagogue.

He was a founding member of the Israeli Supreme Court, and a founding rabbi of Yeshiva University.

His political activism has led him to be widely praised in the Jewish world for his leadership and advocacy of the Jewish state.

While the party is considered to be moderate, its members often argue for greater religious freedom, as well as for the rights of the Palestinians.

While many Israelis agree with the party’s positions, they disagree with the positions of the current leadership in government.

The current government has made some significant concessions to the Palestinians, such as granting them the right to build their own houses.

But it has also made it harder for the Palestinians to build new homes in the West Bank, including the city of Ramallah, and has taken steps to prevent Palestinian workers from returning to work in the occupied West Bank.

The parties that are vying for the presidency of the coalition have been vocal in their support for the two-state solution, which is the goal of the two states that make up the state that the United Nations and other international organizations recognize as a viable option for peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

This position has been strengthened by a government that has continued to push the peace process forward in the face of a wave of violence and protests, and by the ongoing negotiations with the Palestinian Authority over the Palestinian refugees.

However, the two parties have not yet reached a consensus on how to proceed.

In contrast, the centrist coalition of three centrist Jewish parties, which represents the Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox Jewish communities, has a strong anti-settlement platform.

This coalition has not yet formed a governing coalition, but is expected to do so in the coming months.

This is a coalition of a number of different elements, with some of them in alliance with different parties, who are trying to push their position on the future of Israel, the Palestinians and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The coalition is made up of the Reform and Conservative Jewish parties.

One of the leaders of the conservative Jewish party, Benny Gantz, is also a member of The Green L Line.

The other two leaders of this coalition are the Conservative Jewish leader and the Reform leader.

The Reform and conservative Jewish parties are not unified on their positions on the two state solution.

They are divided on a number issues, including their stance on the Israeli settlement of the West Banks.

The conservative Jewish leader, Shlomo Carmon, has called for the immediate withdrawal of the settlement of East Jerusalem from the occupied Palestinian territories, and he has called on the United States to stop providing aid to Israel.

The Conservative Jewish party is in the coalition of the Progressive Zionist and Zionist Union parties.

Both the Progressive Zionists and Zionist Unions, a political grouping formed by a coalition that included the Zionist Union, the Conservative Zionist, and some Conservative and Reform leaders, have also expressed support for a two-states solution.

The Progressive Zionist party has called to establish a new Palestinian state, while the Zionist Union and the Progressive Union parties have called for an Israeli-Arab state.

This leaves the Zionist Alliance, which consists of the right-wing Jewish nationalist party and the rightist Zionist Union party.

The two right-leaning parties have both called for a united, Arab-Israeli state.

The left-leaning Zionist Union is in a coalition with the Reform party, which opposes a two state option.

The right-liberal Jewish party and some of the centrist Jewish leaders in the Conservative party are in a unity government, which includes the Reform Jewish party.

This means that both the left-liberal Zionist Union and the centrist Zionist Alliance are in an alliance with a conservative party.


the centrist party, The Jewish Home, has not ruled out forming a

Politions and institutions have been crucial in building a democratic and prosperous Israel since the state of Israel was established…

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