‘I’m not a criminal’: French politician’s legal battles in jail

LONDON — “I’m a journalist.”

That’s how the French politician who was once a convicted child molester has described the challenges he has faced in prison, and the impact it’s had on his life.

And it’s not just him.

In a country that has the highest murder rate in Europe, with one in four French citizens committing suicide, the political career of Emmanuel Macron has also been a struggle.

The former economy minister is one of France’s most polarizing figures, a political star whose popularity has soared in recent years.

But he’s also been under investigation for a string of charges, including for alleged sex crimes and child abuse.

And he has a history of making controversial statements and controversial statements himself, and has been arrested more than a dozen times for alleged crimes against the state.

“I have been accused of many things and I have had my share of challenges, but my main task has been to be a journalist,” said Macron, who won a historic election in May on a platform of economic liberalization and a pledge to end France’s longest prison sentence for terrorism.

He has been accused repeatedly of sexual crimes, including by a young woman who says he raped her when she was 14.

And he was once arrested for allegedly beating his then-wife in a divorce case and then was found guilty of another rape and sentenced to six years in prison.

Macron, 53, has been in custody since June on charges of having sex with a minor and abuse of public trust.

The court hearing in July in the case was delayed because he was on a tour of Europe.

The French government has called on him to stand trial for child abuse, saying he could be in danger of “being placed under the protection of the state.”

His wife, meanwhile, said he is being treated like a political prisoner and he has to leave France, and that she has no idea where he is.

“He’s not here,” she said.

“We have no information about where he’s going.”

Macron was among several French politicians to stand for election last month in the aftermath of the attacks in Paris that left 130 dead and hundreds injured.

He lost in a runoff to far-right Marine Le Pen, who went on to become president in May.

LONDON — “I’m a journalist.”That’s how the French politician who was once a convicted child molester has described the challenges…

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