How to make the right choice in Brexit: The new Tory manifesto

The Conservative Party has issued a new manifesto in an attempt to turn around the Brexit crisis that has gripped British politics.

The party’s new manifesto is based on the “Better Together” campaign, which is designed to win over disaffected voters who have left their party.

The manifesto has a section on how the UK should negotiate a trade deal with the EU.

It also talks about the UK leaving the single market and customs union, and argues that the government needs to take a tougher line on immigration.

The Conservative party is expected to set out its Brexit plans in an upcoming speech.

It is expected that Theresa May, the leader of the Conservatives, will call the Conservative Party conference in a bid to make her party’s policies more popular.

The Conservatives will hold their conference on Tuesday (Monday NZT) in Liverpool, and will likely launch their campaign to win back voters on the campaign trail.

Here’s how the party’s manifesto will look.

How the Conservative party plans to win Brexit: Better Together Campaign: “Better together is the best strategy for achieving our Brexit goals.

The UK should stay in the single European market, and we should continue to have the free movement of labour, the customs union and the single currency.

We need to keep Britain competitive, and this is why we have to build on the positive momentum from the election, and take our country forward.”

Brexit: “Theresa May has been a great partner for Britain in Brussels.

She has made clear that we will continue to negotiate an orderly transition, which will give us certainty and help us achieve our Brexit objectives.

We will remain part of the European single market, while maintaining the freedom to travel, settle and do business within the European Union.”

Immigration: “A Brexit that doesn’t respect the rules of the EU is a Brexit that is bad for the economy and for the UK.

This is why the Government has made the case for a ‘no-deal’ Brexit, by prioritising the interests of the British people over those of other countries.

This will put jobs and security at risk.

This manifesto will put our country first, and ensure we have the best possible Brexit deal.”

Customs Union: “We will remain an open and free trading country, with the ability to export to the rest of the world.

We are building on the success of the Single Market and the Customs Union, with a shared customs system for all goods and services, and a single point of entry into the European Economic Area (EEA).”EU citizens and residents: “If the UK leaves the EU we will work together to establish a customs union with the European Free Trade Association, to allow us to export and import goods and people.

We must make clear that any future customs arrangement with the EEA will be reciprocal.

We cannot let free movement and free movement without free movement.

We have to maintain the customs system we have, and make sure that free movement is maintained for all.”

The Conservative Party has issued a new manifesto in an attempt to turn around the Brexit crisis that has gripped…

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