How to Get Off on a Political Rant

by Chris RitterThe latest political rant from an unhinged, anti-government, left-wing political pundit is a great example of what we should expect when the media starts going after Donald Trump.

The latest is a recent appearance on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports where the pundit, Michael Steele, declared that Hillary Clinton’s “career” would be over if the Democratic nominee won the presidential election, that he’d rather see Trump in the White House, and that the only way he could be successful is if the Democrats won the House of Representatives. 

Steele’s tirade has been a predictable and predictable campaign for the past month.

Trump has continued to take flak from Democrats, who are still trying to figure out just how effective a president he would be, and many on the right have been eager to attack the President-elect as a partisan. 

What is interesting is how the pundits reaction to Trump has shifted over the past few weeks.

The more serious commentators, like MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and CNN’s Chris Cuomo, have taken a more adversarial approach to Trump.

They have continued to argue that Trump has been “sitting in his office, not doing anything,” and that he would do better to “shut up.”

But in the last week, they have also started to soften their rhetoric.

Cuomo recently argued that Trump should just “take a few more months” to “see what’s going on.”

Matthews has called Trump “a little paranoid,” and said, “he doesn’t have a clue how this is going to turn out.” 

The more casual commentators, such as CNN’s Don Lemon, have continued on their normal course, arguing that Trump’s behavior was “just bizarre” and that “if it were me, I would have a hard time getting off this train.” 

There have been a number of changes in how pundits have reacted to Trump, especially after the President announced on Tuesday that he will not be accepting the election results in a series of tweets. 

On Wednesday morning, CNN’s Jake Tapper went on CNN’s State of the Union to discuss how it would be impossible to verify the vote count, but he did not rule out the possibility of a recount.

Tapper suggested that Trump may have been “in denial” about the results because of the fact that there is “no evidence” that he was “fraudulently or intentionally misinterpreting the results.” 

On Thursday, Trump’s chief strategist, Stephen Bannon, argued that the results are “completely fake news,” that the “real Russia story is about Democrats rigging the election,” and “it’s going to come out.”

He went on to argue, “There’s no way anybody could have been fooled by the vote counting, and there’s no doubt that the election would have gone the other way.” 

Later in the day, Trump tweeted that he has “received numerous reports of the vote fraud from a very high level” in New York, “including the election officials themselves.” 

During an interview with the conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt on Thursday, a host of the program asked Trump, “So what’s your take on this?” 

Trump responded, “I’m not worried about it, Hugh.

I don’t think it’s going anywhere.

And I’m not going to worry about it because I have people that I trust, and they’ll be watching.” 

In an interview on Wednesday, Trump suggested that he believes the “fake news media” is trying to sabotage him, and called for “a new McCarthyism” to deal with the media. 

But now, a new poll has shown that he may be winning the war against the media and he may actually be winning it.

The Washington Post’s Peter Nicholas has found that the most common reaction to the new poll was that Trump was “overwhelmingly popular,” and therefore that the polls were “wrong.” 

According to the poll, which is based on a combination of landline and cell phone interviews, 53 percent of Americans say they trust the “mainstream media more than the Donald Trump administration,” while 47 percent say they do not trust the Trump administration at all.

That’s a far cry from the 74 percent who said the same about the Obama administration, and the 70 percent who did not trust it at all in November. 

Trump’s approval rating has also dropped significantly from his highs, with a mere 18 percent of respondents saying they approve of him, a number that is down from a high of 29 percent in December. 

The poll also found that most respondents have not yet decided which way they will vote in the November election, with 51 percent of those polled saying they will not vote for Trump and 49 percent saying they’ll vote for Hillary Clinton. 

Despite the numbers, Trump has remained popular with the American public.

Forty-two percent of Republicans surveyed said they approve, while 45 percent said they disapprove.

In addition, 54 percent of Democrats surveyed said

by Chris RitterThe latest political rant from an unhinged, anti-government, left-wing political pundit is a great example of what we…

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