Why Hillary Clinton is losing the 2016 election

By James PindellThe Democratic presidential nominee is not winning the popular vote, but she is faring better than her Republican rival, Donald Trump.

The polls show Clinton with a 2.6% lead over Trump, according to a new ABC News/Washington Post tracking poll.

This is a slight improvement over a poll released on Friday by Quinnipiac University, which showed Trump at 40% support and Clinton with 34%.

This is far worse than the numbers from early October, when Clinton had a 1.6-point lead over the GOP nominee, with a new survey showing Trump with 32% support.

The difference is especially notable since Trump’s approval rating is at a historic low of 39%, according to Gallup, a number that has been hovering around 30% for the past few weeks.

This would suggest that Clinton is winning the nomination battle in a significant way, even if the polls are not necessarily capturing it.

That is because the polls themselves do not measure the popularity of Clinton’s candidacy.

The public doesn’t know how they feel about the presidential candidates.

They do not have a voice in the election process.

Polls don’t tell us who the real voters are, because they’re not registered to vote.

The polling average is based on aggregating the results from a number of different polls, and those polls can have a range of accuracy, and the range of opinion is quite wide.

When we see a range in the polls, we know that the average voter’s vote is somewhere in between, and this can be reflected in the poll results.

A new ABC/Post poll shows that the public does not support the idea that Hillary Clinton has a viable path to victory.

We have seen this before.

When Hillary Clinton first entered the race in 2008, there was a lot of concern that the election was in the balance.

Many voters believed that the party would win the presidency, but it wasn’t.

The electorate was more divided on the Democratic side, and many people were concerned that the country would be headed in a very different direction than it was headed.

A majority of Americans also believed that Democrats would take the White House in 2020, but a majority of the country did not.

The same trend has been seen in the last four presidential election cycles.

Polling has consistently shown a fairly close race.

The 2016 campaign was close, with the two candidates winning the most votes and the most states, with Trump winning the Electoral College, and Clinton winning the presidency.

But the polls have consistently shown that there is not much difference between the presidential race and the general election.

The latest ABC/Washington post-ABC News poll was conducted online Nov. 18-20 among a random national sample of 1,008 adults, including 619 likely voters.

The margin of sampling error is plus or minus three percentage points for the full sample.

The Post-ABC poll surveyed 1,012 likely voters Nov. 21-23.

The results have a margin of error of plus or below four percentage points.

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By James PindellThe Democratic presidential nominee is not winning the popular vote, but she is faring better than her Republican…

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