Which politician is funniest?

Politicians are funny.

Not always, but they can make for a fun set of conversations.

For the most part, though, politicians seem to be the only ones who really get it.

We’ve put together a list of the funniest politicians and political commentators on the planet.

They are all politicians, or politicians who talk politics.

But if you think you know the funnies, you’ve got to look elsewhere.

Read on.

Politicians and pundits have always been funny.

Politicians in politics and other public figures tend to do well in surveys of humour, so if you’ve ever been in a political conversation and been genuinely surprised by how funny you were, you’re probably not the only one.

But we’re going to give you a list anyway.

You probably don’t know any of the politicians, but we’ve done our best to list the funnier ones.

There are a few exceptions: The late David Dimbleby was always funny, and so was John Howard in Australia.

But there are many politicians who are funnier than they are funny, including Tony Abbott, Paul Keating, Peter Costello and Julia Gillard.

You can probably count on one hand the number of politicians who can be funny, or at least not too funny, but there are exceptions.

For instance, we could name a few who we think are not too bad.

But it’s not just politicians.

Comedians often make a name for themselves as political commentators, as they’re the ones who have the guts to put themselves out there.

They often have an interesting take on the world and are also able to draw comparisons.

So the list below is just a sample of some of the great politicians who have been in the news a lot over the years.

Politician FunnyPolitics of 2016 Politician FunnyPolitician funny?

Paul Keated funny?

Peter Costelloe funny?

Paul Keating is famous for his “I think the only thing I could ever do as Prime Minister would be to cut off the heads of the enemy” line.

Paul Keates is famous and famous for not being funny.

He’s famous for having the most bizarre conversations, for being the person who always comes off as a total idiot.

He is also famous for being a bit of a wanker.

But his politics is actually quite good.

He was the only politician to win a seat in Parliament in his own right, and in 2007, he became the first Prime Minister in 40 years to win an election in the House of Representatives.

He also famously became the youngest MP in Australian history, when he was only 18.

We’ve seen the Prime Minister’s latest TV interview where he said he’d like to “beat the [Chinese] market up to a pulp” but his comments have been met with a lot of scepticism from Chinese investors, but that’s probably because he’s not actually the kind of politician who’d want to do it.

Politicians are not all funny, though.

There’s a lot more to politicians than what you might think.

Some politicians are even funny on TV.

Tony Abbott, for example, has often been seen as a bit cocky.

He often says things that are thoughtless, and some people might think that’s a bit like being cocky and not knowing when to stop.

But in reality, he’s a pretty smart guy.

He is, however, a bit awkward on TV, as well.

Sometimes he’s seen trying to act more confident than he really is.

For example, in a recent TV interview with Channel Nine, Abbott was asked about the Chinese market, and Abbott said: “You know, we’re not sure whether it’s going to be a bubble or not.

We’re not quite sure whether this is going to work, but it’s certainly going to start to grow.”

Abbott is actually the only prime minister in recent history to have been asked a question about a bubble, and he’s the first to have had that question put to him in a live interview.

The most recent Prime Minister, David Cameron, was also asked a similar question during the 2016 election campaign, and while the prime minister’s answer was more down to his experience in the world, he did get a bit flustered when he said: “Well, that’s not exactly the sort of thing that you want to be asking a question on.”

Tony Blair is a very funny man, and we don’t think he’s too much of a political figure.

He likes to be funny.

But his style of politics has been somewhat controversial, especially since the Iraq War, when it was argued that Blair was too hard on Iraq.

The result of the Iraq war, though?

Blair has been seen being a little bit less tough on Iraq, but is still a tough politician.

In 2013, the prime ministers David Cameron and Nick Clegg, also known as the Blairs, debated on CNN.

They debated the war in Iraq. In the

Politicians are funny.Not always, but they can make for a fun set of conversations.For the most part, though, politicians seem…

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