When Trump ‘took a look’ at Twitter, the US Senate gave him an ‘unprecedented’ boost

Senator John McCain has described President Donald Trump as a “tremendous and very intelligent” president who is “a very smart guy.”

But the Arizona Republican has long been critical of the president’s handling of social media and has expressed concern about his plans to impose new regulations on Twitter and other social media platforms.

He said Mr Trump took a look at Twitter “and was like, ‘What’s wrong with this?'”

Mr McCain, the Republican chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said Mr Obama’s handling had been “stupid”.

“I think what we saw with Twitter was a pretty remarkable and very clever president who took a close look at social media, and he made a really smart decision,” Mr McCain said.

“And I think he should have taken a close, careful look at that.”

Mr McCain also criticised the White House for its failure to consult with Congress before taking action.

“I would say the White house has taken a pretty good step, and I would say it has been smart to do so,” he said.

In January, Mr Trump tweeted about a former Miss Universe being crowned a “sex symbol” who was married to a man.

The tweet led to outrage and prompted the resignation of the pageant’s chairman.

In February, Mr Obama announced that the US would not ban Twitter for five years.

But on Friday, Mr McCain was among the first members of Congress to voice concerns about the Trump administration’s plans to overhaul social media.

Mr McCain has long spoken out against Mr Trump’s handling on Twitter, saying he has not been given enough information and that the president “took an unusual look” at Twitter.

In an interview with CNN in February, he said Mr McCain’s “real concern” was that the new regulations would not prevent “people from talking about politics”.

He added that while he was “troubled” that Mr Trump had taken a look “at Twitter, and said it was like an unprecedented look”, he was not concerned about its potential impact on democracy.

“It is a really good platform, and it’s a really big platform,” he told CNN.

Mr Trump has been criticised for using Twitter as a platform to promote his business interests and to disparage his opponents, but has defended the president for using it to promote the government’s agenda.

In March, the president said that he would not be deterred from using social media in future, and that his administration was “looking forward to having a great relationship with Twitter”.

Mr McCain said the president was “pretty smart” at “making the right decisions and the right connections” but said he did not know what that meant.

“This is not a new phenomenon for him,” he added.

“He’s done it before, so I don’t know.

It could be, ‘Well, we’re going to do this again’.”

Mr McCain told CNN’s State of the Union that he did expect that “there will be a time in the future when you will see him again” but “he’s not a person who likes to talk about himself”.

“There is a lot of discussion about what is the appropriate way of dealing with him on Twitter,” he continued.

“So I think, if you have a president who has been doing this for a long time and he’s not been able to do that, then he’s going to be frustrated.”

Senator John McCain has described President Donald Trump as a “tremendous and very intelligent” president who is “a very smart…

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