When Netanyahu called on US to ‘get with the times’ on Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that the US is the ‘opposition’ to the Islamic Republic.

Speaking at the annual gathering of the American Jewish Congress in Washington, DC, Netanyahu said that Iran is a ‘rogue nation’ and the US should ‘get used to it’.

The comments were the first from the Israeli leader on the issue of Iran, and came a day after he said the US must not accept that Iran was in the grips of a nuclear weapons programme.’

We cannot accept that the Iranians are going to acquire nuclear weapons and have a bomb.

We must not allow this,’ he said at the Jewish National Fund (JNF) annual conference.’

The US must get used to the fact that Iran does not have a nuclear weapon, that it has no nuclear programme, that there are no nuclear facilities.

That’s why the world should have sanctions against Iran.”

We need to confront Iran because Iran has an important strategic interest in the Middle East and it has an interest in Israel.’

This is an existential threat to Israel.

Iran is threatening Israel with nuclear weapons, and the world must not let that happen.’

While he called Iran’s nuclear programme a ‘nuclear threat’ to Israel, Netanyahu also suggested that the country’s allies, such as Saudi Arabia, had a legitimate concern about Iran’s ballistic missile programme.

The US has been working closely with Israel to push back against Iranian threats and sanctions.

The Trump administration has been pushing for the lifting of the sanctions on Tehran in an effort to prevent the Iranian regime from developing a nuclear capability.

Netanyahu, who is known for his hawkish rhetoric, is a key member of Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud party.

The remarks came just a day before the president is due to visit Israel, which has been battered by a string of deadly bombings.

In a statement, Trump said he welcomed Netanyahu’s comments.’

Israel is a nation of heroes and we will continue to stand by them in times of need,’ he added.’

America will continue its unwavering support for Israel, and we hope Israel will continue with the great work of defending itself and its people from the evil of Iran’s murderous regime.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that the US is the ‘opposition’ to the Islamic Republic.Speaking at the annual…

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