Politicians in the news after President Trump’s inauguration

6.30pm: Trump’s election night rally ends in chaos after a rally where he is accused of inciting violence.

Trump was booed by his supporters after he announced his candidacy and was later forced to cancel a rally in Nashville.

The president was then escorted from the rally, and it was unclear if he was escorted to a nearby police car.

The Nashville Metro Police Department said in a statement that Trump had been escorted from an event.

“Due to the crowd size and size of the event, the Nashville Metro PD was asked to remove the President from the venue due to the size of crowds and the crowd’s actions,” it said.

“The President was then given a police escort to the police station and transported to the Nashville Police Department for further questioning.”

The incident comes just a day after the president’s rally was disrupted by an angry crowd of protesters.

He was later escorted out by security.

7.20pm: Protesters have disrupted a Trump rally in Tennessee, with many throwing objects and chanting obscenities.

The event was cancelled in Tennessee amid concerns of the president inciting violence, but a statement from the mayor said the event would go ahead as planned.

The mayor said “this was a peaceful rally, which was organized by many of our local elected officials and our community.”

“We will continue to stand up for all our rights and freedoms, and we are very confident that our police and fire departments will do so,” the statement said.

“There will be no violence.

We will have no disruption to our community or our economy.

We are going to stand by our leaders and our law enforcement officials.”

6.30pm: Trump’s election night rally ends in chaos after a rally where he is accused of inciting violence.Trump was booed…

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