India’s Modi: A man of action and purpose

By Sukhdev Natarajan on Nov 20, 2016 12:59:59India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become a household name for millions around the world, but the Indian prime minister is no ordinary politician.

For all the talk of the country’s growing populism, India has been governed by a conservative and authoritarian system that has led to a long history of corruption and political repression.

In a country of nearly a billion people, a majority of whom are under 30 years old, there are still a significant number of people who still have not benefited from the economic reforms ushered in under Modi.

In fact, there is still no law on minimum wages and the government’s crackdown on dissent has left many feeling left behind and powerless.

Modi has used his platform to advocate for his economic policies and has also pushed the government to crack down on corruption.

Modi’s popularity is growing among voters, who see his ability to tackle the countrys economic problems and create jobs as a major asset for the country.

India has a high percentage of Indians in the middle class, who make up a majority in many of the most populous states and regions.

Modi has said that he would like to see more jobs created and more people employed, and he has also made a number of policy announcements aimed at attracting foreign investment.

Modis populist platform has also brought him to international headlines, with celebrities such as rapper Azealia Banks, actor Vinod Kapoor and actress Priyanka Chopra becoming the latest celebrities to endorse him.

While Modi has made his popularity widely known, his populist policies and actions on economic issues are often overlooked by his political opponents, especially those who fear that the Indian government may be too beholden to business interests.

For many, it is not clear how Modi will govern India after his landslide victory in the November 2016 general election.

But his populist platform and the fact that he is the country s prime minister mean that the country is not likely to change much in the near future.

While many of Modi s policies have been welcomed by many in the country, some of his populist initiatives have been condemned by human rights groups and some have been deemed as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

Some of Modi’s policies have also led to criticism from the business community, which has complained about the government s policies on job creation and social inclusion.

Modi s popularity has risen in recent years in part due to his support for reforms in education and healthcare, which he says will improve the quality of life for millions of Indians.

By Sukhdev Natarajan on Nov 20, 2016 12:59:59India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become a household name for millions around…

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