How Twitter will get a new CEO after Peoria, Illinois

Hacker News user Woody Boyd has been tapped to take over as CEO of Twitter in Peoria Illinois, the company announced on Tuesday.

Boyd will be in charge of Twitter’s public relations, marketing and public relations team, which will include people who have worked at Google and Microsoft.

“I’m thrilled to take on this role at Twitter as part of a team that is committed to building a stronger Twitter community and connecting users and creators around the world,” Boyd said in a statement.

“This role is a critical and unique one, as it will allow me to lead the Twitter team in a more integrated way.”

Boyd is the second-oldest of five brothers and was raised in Illinois.

He joined Twitter as a senior public relations intern in 2014 and served as a public relations manager in New York City before moving to New York to launch the company.

Boyden also is an avid golfer.

He also was the first employee hired by Google to lead a team at Google, joining the company’s public policy team in 2016.

Boyds brother, Aaron, was recently hired as the CEO of a startup in San Francisco, while Boyd’s brother and former Microsoft employee Kevin Systrom was named the CEO at LinkedIn in January.

Boydds role will allow him to “help build a more cohesive and effective public relations effort across all of Twitter,” the company said.

Twitter previously hired former Google vice president of public policy Mark Mahaney to be its director of public relations.

Hacker News user Woody Boyd has been tapped to take over as CEO of Twitter in Peoria Illinois, the company…

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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