How to spot political memes from Twitter

A bunch of Twitter users got a bit too creative with their memes on the social media platform.

Here’s how to spot the funny stuff:1.

The meme you’re looking for.

The most popular memes on Twitter this week include:1.)

A man dressed as a superhero, wearing a cape and kimono, stands with his arms crossed.2.)

A cat sitting on a desk with a pair of legs, its head tilted upward.3.)

A woman with long, curly hair, standing next to a desk.4.)

A black and white portrait of a man in a black suit standing in front of a black and blue door with a large, glowing sign.5.)

A baby boy wearing a suit holding a cup.6.)

A giant cartoon fish with the caption “It’s a great day for all of us.”7.)

A group of kids playing with a ball.8.)

A person wearing a mask holding a sign reading “Make it right.”9.)

A girl in a red skirt holding a red hat with a pink nose and mouth.10.)

A pair of glasses.11.)

A bird.12.)

A dog.13.)

A clown wearing a face mask.14.)

A cartoon cat with a red face.15.)

A child with a dog and a mask.16.)

A monkey holding a cat with two legs.17.)

A horse.18.)

A dinosaur with two heads.19.)

A rabbit with a face.20.)

A bunny.21.)

A lion holding a sword.22.)

A fish with a head.23.)

A snake holding a fish tail.24.)

A bear holding a crossbow.25.)

A unicorn.26.)

A shark.27.)

A dragon.28.)

A frog.29.)

A flying saucer.30.)

A statue.31.)

A robot.32.)

A building with a sign saying “Welcome to our planet Earth.”33.)

A boy wearing goggles holding a microphone.34.)

A human dressed as Captain Planet.35.)

A young girl holding a book.36.)

A white girl holding an apple.37.)

A flower with a rose on top.38.)

A cow wearing a hat.39.)

A guy in a suit.40.)

A small baby with a green shirt.41.)

A pig.42.)

A squirrel with a pig on its back.43.)

A mouse.44.)

A wolf wearing a bunny mask.45.)

A dolphin wearing a panda mask.46.)

A duck.47.)

A house.48.)

A spider.49.)

A butterfly.50.)

A turtle wearing a headdress.51.)

A red-faced man.52.)

A goat wearing a red coat.53.)

A puppy with a ribbon tied around its neck.54.)

A rat wearing a coat.55.)

A chicken wearing a yellow hat.56.)

A donkey wearing a green jacket.57.)

A hippopotamus wearing a cap.58.)

A fire hydrant.59.)

A clock.60.)

A train.61.)

A penguin wearing a penguin suit.62.)

A tree with flowers on it.63.)

A couple dancing.64.)

A water buffalo.65.)

A mountain lion.66.)

A polar bear wearing a polar bear mask.67.)

A sea lion.68.)

A giraffe wearing a giraffe mask.69.)

A bull.70.)

A fox wearing a fox mask.71.)

A whale wearing a whale mask.72.)

A raccoon wearing a raccoon mask.73.)

A rooster wearing a rooster mask.74.)

A tortoise wearing a tortoise mask.75.)

A camel wearing a camel mask.76.)

A kangaroo wearing a kangaroos mask.77.)

A snowman.78.)

A crane wearing a crane mask.79.)

A tiger wearing a tiger mask.80.)

A moose.81.)

A bumblebee wearing a bumblebees mask.82.)

A leopard wearing a leopards mask.83.)

A crow wearing a crow mask.84.)

A ball.85.)

A jellyfish wearing a jellyfish mask.86.)

A cockroach wearing a cockroach mask.87.)

A rock.88.)

A bat wearing a bat mask.89.)

A lizard wearing a lizard mask.90.)

A crocodile wearing a crocodiles mask.91.)

A elephant wearing a elephant mask.92.)

A pigeon wearing a pigeon mask.93.)

A hedgehog wearing a hedgehog mask.94.)

A squid wearing a squid mask.95.)

A crab wearing a crab mask.96.)

A gator wearing a gators mask.97.)

A zebra wearing a zebra mask.98.)

A hummingbird wearing a hummingbirds mask.99.)

A vulture wearing a vulture mask.100.)

A panther wearing a panthers mask.101.)

A scorpion wearing a scorpions mask.102.)

A bunch of Twitter users got a bit too creative with their memes on the social media platform.Here’s how to…

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