How to describe the political spectrum of the US Senate

The US Senate is a complicated place, and one that’s been a source of confusion for quite some time.

The Senate was established in 1791 as a place where Congress could debate and vote on a wide range of issues, from the founding of the country to the founding and evolution of the modern world.

But over the years, the chamber has become a place that’s become even more divided than it was when it first emerged.

While most members of the Senate are from the same party, and are often considered a kind of mirror image of each other, the two wings of the chamber are often very different.

Some are Republicans, some Democrats.

Some even have a very different ideology from one another.

But the vast majority of senators, as of this writing, are Republicans.

That’s because the Senate has been ruled by Republicans for decades, and has always been one of the most conservative chambers in the country.

And since Republicans hold a slim majority in the House, the Senate is the only chamber in the US that they can’t actually control, meaning that they have a powerful role in shaping policy.

But, despite their dominance in the Senate, there are many differences between the two chambers.

What’s the difference between Republicans and Democrats?

How many seats are there in the senate?

How long have they been in the chamber?

What do they do?

The following chart outlines the political makeup of the two houses of Congress.

There are 539 seats in the house of Representatives, and 534 in the state legislatures.

Each chamber has 435 members.

There is no partisan split in the two branches of government.

However, members of Congress who represent states are divided into districts, and some members of each state have the power to run for a seat in Congress.

Each state has their own unique political culture and traditions, and the US House of Representatives and Senate are the only two political bodies in the world where members of different parties can not serve side-by-side.

The House is composed of 435 members of both parties, and sits in the Capitol Building.

The chamber is also divided into two wings: the House of Delegates and the House Appropriations Committee.

The house is also the seat of the president and the vice president, and is typically considered the most powerful legislative body in the nation.

The Appropriations Committee oversees the government’s finances and is responsible for all federal spending and appropriations.

The Delegates, or the “house majority,” is made up of 435 representatives who represent districts that are largely drawn up in accordance with census maps.

Each district has its own representation, and members of that district can be selected for their respective congressional district.

Each congressional district has two congressional seats, one for each party in the legislature.

There’s also a Senate majority leader.

All members of either house can be seated in either chamber, but only members of one party can serve as a member of the other.

There can be as many as seven senators in each chamber.

The term “president” in the United States, meaning the president of the United State, is a term that is used in each state, not the country as a whole.

For example, the state of Washington, which is located in the Pacific Northwest, uses the term “Washington,” which is a state term that can also be used in other parts of the world.

What are the current terms of the office of the presidency?

The term of the U.S. president has been in office for nearly three centuries, dating back to 1789.

That term is used by the U,S.

Senate, the House and the White House.

In other words, the president holds the office for the entirety of his or her term.

The president’s office is typically ceremonial and ceremonial, and not subject to Senate or House control.

In most cases, the vice President is the president’s most senior official, and he or she presides over all federal executive branch functions.

But there are exceptions, like when the president is acting as Commander-in-Chief (CINC).

In such a case, the CINC presides as the head of the executive branch, and exercises the full authority of the President’s Office, which includes the power of impeachment and removal.

What is the term of office for President Trump?

There are two ways to be the president: In a Republican administration, the term goes by the name of “president elect,” which means that the President elect is a candidate for office.

In a Democratic administration, it goes by a different name: “Vice President Elect,” which basically means that an individual is in charge of the entire executive branch.

That person, or a group of individuals, can serve for a term of six years, although presidents generally serve four.

The vice president elect serves for a year as the president elect.

The office of vice president for a Republican is held by the President Elect, who is a member in good standing of both the House Republican and Democratic leadership

The US Senate is a complicated place, and one that’s been a source of confusion for quite some time.The Senate…

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