How to deal with the PM’s son: His political history

A day after the BJP-led NDA government came to power, its prime ministerial son and his son-in-law are both contesting the Uttar Pradesh elections.

As the new government prepares to take power on June 8, what should you expect from them?

We talked to two politicians who have served in the prime minister’s office.

Manteufflada is the chief minister of Bihar and his wife are the members of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party.

They have been closely associated with the Modi government for years and they have been given a seat in the state assembly for the first time in 2017.

The elder Modi was the state chief minister in 2005-2006.

The son was also in charge of Bihar in 2007-2008 and he was the minister in charge from the time of the 2002 polls.

But he is now contesting from the constituency of Kannur, in the western state of Uttar Pradesh, which is also home to some of the largest Muslim communities in the country.

The elder Modi’s son was in charge in the neighbouring state of Bihar from 2003-2007 and he is contesting there from the same constituency.

Both of them have been close to the prime ministerial family and their son has a degree in commerce from a government school.

Mantuuffla said his son has no intention of running against him.

He said his goal is to help the BJP government in Uttar Pradesh.

“We will work together to make this state a more prosperous state,” he said.

The eldest Modi was in the cabinet from 2003 to 2009 and had been the finance minister from 2010-2011.

He was then chief minister for a short period.

Manteuffala said his family had not decided on any political agenda.

“Our priority is the welfare of the people of Uttar and Bihar and we will not talk about any political issues,” he told the newspaper.

Mannur MLA Asma Jahangir told The Times that her family had been close with the elder Modi and his daughter, Prasanna, had been a friend of the prime ministers wife.

“They are close to all the family members.

We hope that they will do well in the elections and also for the state,” she said.BJP spokesperson Amit Shah said his party was hopeful of winning the seat in Kannada, which borders neighbouring Assam.

“The BJP is the only party that has promised to bring the common man back to the land.

This will bring good vibes to our people and help them in their struggle for economic development,” he tweeted.

A day after the BJP-led NDA government came to power, its prime ministerial son and his son-in-law are both contesting…

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