How to become an activist, a politician and what is a journalist?

A little over two years ago, a startup called WeAreChange was founded.

Its goal was to change India, a nation that has been plagued by corruption and authoritarianism for decades.

With the help of a handful of volunteers, WeArechange has raised nearly $100 million to build a platform that helps citizens connect with political and community leaders to demand change.

In December 2016, the company announced a new initiative: a platform called WeareChange India.

The platform provides free and easy access to politicians, media personalities and activists from around the country.

Its aim is to enable grassroots activism to change the way India works, as well as provide the best and most reliable information to India’s politicians, said WeArechanges founder and CEO Nandita Chakraborty.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for people to join our platform, to be part of this movement,” Chakraberty told TechCrunch.

With a user base of over two million, the platform is already gaining traction in India.

“It’s really an innovative platform that is helping a lot of people get involved,” said Kunal Rao, CEO and co-founder of The Indian Listening Group, a community-based non-profit.

“I think it’s really going to be a powerful tool in the future.”

WeAre change India launched in November 2017.

It has already raised $17 million in funding, and it has promised to spend about $300 million over the next five years to expand its service.

WeAre Change India was launched as a pilot program, with the goal of helping citizens get more involved with politics and civic engagement.

Its mission statement says: “We are creating a platform to give voice to the voiceless.”

It is a platform meant to connect the people who are trying to change their lives through activism, political activism, and civic participation.

The startup hopes to be able to help hundreds of thousands of people connect with politicians, journalists, and activists through its free platform, Chakrabarti said.

This year, the group plans to expand the platform to cover more of India’s 250 million population.

The WeAreIndia project will also work to give people more information about politicians, politicians’ supporters, and political parties.

“The aim is really to get more visibility in the media,” Chakrares said.

“People have an opportunity to engage with the candidates and their policies through the platform.”

The platform has already received significant funding from the likes of the government of India and the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs).

According to WeAre India, the aim is not just to make political activists and activists more accessible to the public, but also to provide a platform for other people who want to join the political conversation.

For example, the WeAreListIndia platform, which is free to join, will help activists with an easy way to find political leaders and leaders of political parties, and the WeAmChange India platform will help people connect to celebrities and celebrities themselves.

“You will see celebrities and politicians being connected with WeAmListIndia,” Chakriks said.

The project is also a way for the group to give away free software that will allow anyone to connect to politicians on the platform, so people can better understand their political views and political leaders’ stances.

For the past two years, WeAmIndia has also partnered with Indian NGO Save Our Future to help citizens connect to political leaders through the service.

This partnership gives the WeListIndia project a broader scope, and WeAmchange will also have to work with NGOs to help build a more accurate representation of Indian political leaders.

“That’s really important because of the role that politicians play in the economy and the political environment in India,” Chakro said.

We are trying, he said, to help people get more engaged with politicians and their parties, by providing a platform they can easily navigate.

“If we can make it so that the platform works for everybody, we are going to have a platform of choice for everyone.”

The WeAm Change platform is also going to work to provide more information to political parties and politicians.

“When you connect to a politician through the We areChange platform, you will get an opinion about that politician, and they will give you information about their policies, what they are proposing and their views,” Chakre said.

He said the We AreChange platform will also help political parties with the ability to build an “information network.”

“We will help political campaigns build an information network, where they will have people who can talk to them about their ideas and platforms, and provide them with a way to engage,” he said.

A group of activist activists from the New Delhi-based People Power Coalition said the project is a big step forward for them.

“This is really something that’s been lacking for a long time in India and in the country,” said Arvind Pandey, a political activist and founder

A little over two years ago, a startup called WeAreChange was founded.Its goal was to change India, a nation that…

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