Which countries are most prone to corruption?

PILITO: The government’s most notorious corruption scandal of the past few months has turned out to be the largest corruption case in Latin America.

And according to the latest figures from Transparency International, Paraguay is the most corrupt country in the world.

The country has been rocked by accusations of bribery and kickbacks since the 2010 impeachment of President Fernando Lugo, a longtime ally of the United States.

In January 2018, Paraguayan courts cleared the president of corruption charges for allegedly bribing and abusing his powers.

Transparency International has said that Lugo himself has been charged with corruption and bribery.

Transparency says the allegations of bribery were leveled against the former president by former justice minister Jose Antonio Cienfuegos, who resigned in December after being accused of taking bribes from a Paraguayan firm that was involved in mining projects in the region.

Cienfin’s allegations came after Lugo was impeached, and Cienfeu was also impeached in February 2018, the group said.

Since his resignation, Lugo has sought a trial in the Paraguayan Supreme Court.

But this week, the Supreme Court declined to take up the matter.

According to the International Commission on Anti-Corruption, Paraguays corruption rate is 2.8% among the world’s poorest countries.

And it has been reported that there have been more than 3,000 cases of corruption in Paraguay since 2011, including bribery, kickbacks, and money laundering.

Transparency and Transparency International are two of the largest anti-corruption organizations in the Americas.

They have said that they have documented nearly 2,000 bribery cases in Paraguayan and more than 1,500 corruption cases in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and Chile.

PILITO: The government’s most notorious corruption scandal of the past few months has turned out to be the largest corruption…

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