The man who took over Britain’s NHS from Margaret Thatcher, and won the election, writes James M. O’Brien

“I can’t imagine a better day to take over Britain than today,” said Prime Minister Boris Johnson in a rare public address on Thursday.

“It is a great day for Britain.” 

On his way to the Houses of Parliament to deliver the speech, Johnson said that a majority of British voters have said they would support the United Kingdom staying in the European Union (EU). 

“We can’t let down our guard,” he said.

“We have to be the best that we can be.” 

“And the best is we must be the most powerful,” Johnson said. 

Johnson’s speech comes after he and fellow Brexiters had been criticised for trying to appeal to a majority by promising a referendum on Britain’s future relationship with the EU. 

The prime minister’s speech came on the same day that he announced the resignation of Labour’s leader Jeremy Corbyn, who resigned in the wake of a string of scandals. 

“I have a feeling this is going to be a very long time, but that will be up to the British people,” Johnson told the Commons. 

However, in a speech in which he made it clear he was still in charge, Johnson suggested he was not going to go it alone. 

He said he would work with the cabinet and other ministers to make sure there was a “balanced approach” to Brexit.

“This is the only way we can get Britain back to work,” he added. 

As a former business journalist, Johnson was the first British politician to take on the post of the Prime Minister. 

During his time as a politician, he was widely regarded as one of the best in Europe. 

Since the Brexit vote, Johnson has been criticized by many, including his fellow politicians, for trying too hard to woo the voters with promises of “the most powerful country in the world”. 

On Thursday, he repeated his appeal to the country to remain in the EU: “The best way to achieve that is by leaving the EU and working together to forge a new relationship.” 

Johnson is expected to take up the position of Brexit Secretary in the new Labour government.

“I can’t imagine a better day to take over Britain than today,” said Prime Minister Boris Johnson in a rare…

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