The CIA-led coup that brought down Hugo Chavez

What happened?

The CIA overthrew Venezuela’s democratically elected President Hugo Chavez on March 7, 2017.

That was the same day that the US-backed military coup overthrew Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

This is the first time the US has ever directly intervened directly in the domestic affairs of a sovereign country.

What did it do?

On April 3, the US launched its military intervention in Venezuela, which is what led to the coup.

The coup began with the arrest of the US ambassador to Venezuela, Mark Green.

The CIA’s actions in Venezuela have been widely condemned by human rights groups, opposition parties, and the international community.

In the months since, many Venezuelan opposition leaders have publicly denounced the US’s intervention.

Why was it so bad?

Venezuela’s opposition has been the target of US-led sanctions since the start of the Bolivarian Revolution in 1999.

The US has accused Venezuela of being behind the 1998 murder of opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez.

During the last year, Venezuela has been embroiled in a deadly civil war between pro- and anti-government forces.

Since the beginning of the conflict, more than 10,000 people have been killed and thousands more wounded.

What are the prospects for the new government in Venezuela?

The new government of Venezuela is unlikely to survive the first week of its rule.

The opposition is still demanding Maduro’s resignation.

The government of President Nicolás Maduro has said it will take “necessary measures” to end the crisis, but it has yet to do so.

How did Venezuela’s new government come to power?

It is widely believed that the opposition led by the opposition leader, Henrique Capriles, received help from the CIA, but Caprils government is still considered illegitimate.

Who is behind the coup?

The coup was launched by the US, which claimed that Caprises government was working to overthrow Venezuela.

This led to widespread criticism, especially from the US and from around the world, including from the UN, which called the US action an “abject violation of international law.”

The CIA did not directly target the opposition.

What is the US doing in Venezuela now?

The US is working with Venezuela’s military to “counter the threat of destabilization,” the White House said.

The State Department has been sending US diplomats to Venezuela.

The Obama administration has said that US intelligence agencies have conducted “hundreds of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions” in Venezuela.

US President Donald Trump has also said that the administration has “the highest regard” for Venezuela’s democratic institutions.

How is the new Venezuelan government responding to the US?

On Wednesday, Venezuela’s Supreme Court said it would review the legality of the impeachment of Maduro.

The Supreme Court on Friday is expected to issue a ruling that will be considered by the country’s parliament.

What will happen to Venezuelans living in the US who are affected by the coup attempt?

The Maduro government has announced that all citizens of the United States living in Venezuela will be allowed to return to the country on Thursday.

However, the government is refusing to allow anyone to leave the country until the Supreme Court ruling is finalized.

What happened?The CIA overthrew Venezuela’s democratically elected President Hugo Chavez on March 7, 2017.That was the same day that the…

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