Politicians who make money by talking are getting richer

The latest from The Washington Post on the new generation of powerful lobbyists: How do they make money?

“I can’t think of a single politician in history who made a career as a lobbyist and was successful in doing it,” said Matt Molloy, who co-founded and advises the firm CrossroadsGroups, which focuses on political issues.

“I think it’s a career of being in politics and you’re paid to do it, so I think it makes sense to take advantage of the opportunities.”

A quick search for lobbying clients on the Web yields only a handful of high-profile clients who have done well with their work in Washington.

But some of those who have made the biggest bucks — and made the most of their opportunities — have a long history of public service and experience in public service.

Former congressman John Dingell, a Democrat who served for more than two decades, and his wife have been lobbying on issues including immigration reform, education and environmental protection.

The Dingells are also among the most successful of their generation.

The couple have helped create a lobbying powerhouse in Washington, D.C., which is valued at more than $4 billion a year.

The Dingsell’s total lobbying budget since 2003 is more than the combined budgets of the three other House members who made their fortunes in politics: Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., Rep. Steve Scalise, R -La., and Rep. John Kline, R, Minn.

The House Republican leadership has been trying to attract top-tier lawmakers to the Capitol, and some have been willing to spend a substantial amount of money on lobbying.

But the Dingell’s and Rogers’ campaigns have attracted attention from outside the Beltway, including a group of top lobbyists who have been hired by members of Congress and their spouses, according to emails released this week by the Center for Responsive Politics.

One email dated Feb. 20, 2017, from one such firm, Public Policy Strategies, to the Dingells said: “The Dingsells and Rogers are the perfect candidates for this position, but we’re hoping that you and your spouse will be willing to contribute some money to the campaign to help us raise money and promote the PAC.”

The firm’s email also asked the Dinglers to donate at least $10,000 to the PAC and the Dingsels to $1,000, according.

The firm did not respond to a request for comment.

Other firms that have successfully lobbied on behalf of their clients include the political action committee Restore Our Future, which has raised $2.3 million for House Republicans since 2014; the political consulting firm Crossroad Strategies, which is estimated to have raised more than half a million dollars for House members and their families since 2004; and the lobbying firm DLA Piper, which raised $1.3 billion for House and Senate Democrats.

In the past two years, Restore Our Futures has also worked with some of the most prominent Democrats in the House to raise campaign cash for the campaign.

In 2018, Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vt., was the target of a $100,000 campaign from the PAC.

In 2019, the group was hired by Rep. Adam Schiff, D, Calif., to help recruit a top aide to the California Democrat.

In 2020, the DLAP Piper group also helped Rep. Brad Sherman, D -Calif., to raise money to run for his seat in 2018, according of the firm’s website.

“In all of our recent campaigns, we’ve done everything possible to help the campaigns,” said David Schoen, DLAPR’s vice president of political affairs.

“We’ve always focused on getting the best out of each campaign, and we’re grateful to the campaigns for all of the support we’ve gotten.”

Former Democratic Rep. Chris Van Hollen, D ,Md., who was elected to Congress in 2002, is the only member of Congress who has not lobbied for a client.

He and his husband, former Rep. Jacky Rosen, D Maryland, have been active in public policy, working with organizations including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the U to combat global warming.

They also worked as fundraisers for Democrats, including the first Democratic Senate candidate in decades in Connecticut in 2017, former Gov.

Dannel Malloy, D .


and Rep, Donna Edwards, D Tenn.

in the 2014 midterm elections.

Van Hollens campaign did not return a request seeking comment.

The latest from The Washington Post on the new generation of powerful lobbyists: How do they make money?“I can’t think…

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