Why the Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is so dangerous for children

As the 2016 presidential campaign enters its final stretch, experts say children can become increasingly vulnerable to Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has been accused of sexually harassing, groping and assaulting women, including a teenage girl who accused him of forcibly kissing her while she slept.

On Monday, a Florida judge issued a gag order that prevented Trump from answering questions about the allegations.

Trump has denied the allegations and said he has no regrets.

But the campaign, which has long used social media to spread anti-establishment messages, has also been accused by some of being a cesspool of abuse.

As the campaign enters the final stretch of its campaign, experts warn that children could be at risk.

A new poll found that more than half of young adults who watched Trump’s televised rallies were concerned that he was “mentally ill.”

“When a candidate is seen to be in a bad way, that may make it more likely that people who are watching the events are also in a similar state,” said Katherine Koo, a former pollster at Public Opinion Strategies.

“The fact that this is occurring at a time when we’re seeing a number of states and cities passing laws to ban hate speech is not surprising.”

In February, the Trump campaign launched a new ad targeting teenage girls.

It features a young woman dressed in a Trump shirt, and in the background, a photo of a teenage boy in a “Make America Great Again” hat.

The video begins with a photo on the wall of a smiling Trump holding a young girl.

“She’s in the same room as Donald Trump,” the narrator says.

“They’ve been friends since high school.

He was your best friend.”

The girl is seen looking at a Trump sign in the distance, smiling and holding her hand.

In the next shot, a young boy wearing a “Trump” shirt is holding a teenage woman in a headlock.

The man then turns to the camera and says: “She’s the same age as Donald and she’s got a little crush on him.

She’s a virgin, and he knows it.

It’s going down, Donald.” “

This is the last time he’s going do that to her.

It’s going down, Donald.”

At the end of the video, the girl in the headlock is shown in a pool of her own tears, her eyes red and covered with a towel.

When asked about the ad, Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller said it was meant to be a “fun, friendly, playful” way to educate children.

After the first ad, the campaign decided to pull it, saying the video “did not reflect the values that we stand for and that we believe in.”

But experts say the campaign has a history of making false claims, and is not alone.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Republican Party has spent millions of dollars on anti-LGBTQ ads that falsely accuse gay people of being pedophiles.

For example, in 2014, the GOP ran a radio ad that portrayed a young man and a young gay couple being held together by a belt buckle and their tongues tied.

Then-candidate Trump had previously called the video a “horrible” video and had promised to sue the TV network that aired it.

The campaign did not respond to a request for comment.

During the first Republican debate, Trump was asked by a female candidate about his relationship with the billionaire mogul.

He said: “I have not said that I am a great man.”

Trump was referring to a 2005 interview in which the billionaire bragged about groping women, which he did not do at the time.

The candidate later apologized and said it had been an “act of love.”

And in October, Trump told ABC News that he does not want his son to be “mentor to any candidate.”

“My son doesn’t want to be mentored by anybody, period,” he said.

Earlier this year, Trump suggested that former first lady Michelle Obama’s wedding dress was made in China and was made for her at a “disgusting” factory in India.

And on Tuesday, Trump took to Twitter to mock the family of U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Illinois, who is Hispanic.

Gutierrez’s wife, Karen, is African-American.

Gutierrez is Hispanic and his daughter is Asian-American, and both were wearing the same dress.

“Wow, Michelle Obama was married in China,” Trump tweeted.

“It was made at a horrible factory in China.

She had the same wedding dress.

The dress was $30,000!

She wore it for a week.

She bought the dress on her own.

She spent over $300,000.”

The Trump campaign did in fact purchase the dress and made it available for sale at a cost of $3,000

As the 2016 presidential campaign enters its final stretch, experts say children can become increasingly vulnerable to Donald Trump.Donald Trump…

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