US elections: How the 2016 campaign unfolded

AUSTRALIA’S major parties are all in play as voters go to the polls in a tight race to form a government.

The big four have been spending millions of dollars in state and federal elections to try to secure a majority in the parliament and boost their standing in opinion polls ahead of the September 12 national election.

Australia’s major parties have all been spending billions of dollars on state and national elections to win back seats, but their political impact is less clear in this year’s election.

The Australian Greens, which is seen as a threat to the Liberal National Party (LNP), are likely to be the biggest winners in next month’s elections.

The party is expected to win about 20 seats and is expected on track to win the seat of Mayo, which it narrowly lost in the federal election earlier this year.

With Mr Abbott already losing a federal election, his chances of becoming prime minister are slim.

If Labor does win its seat in Mayo, it would represent the biggest victory for the Greens in Australia’s history.

While Labor is not likely to win all its seats in Mayo this year, the party will still have plenty of support in the lower house, which could make it a major player in government if the LNP fails to win a seat.

Labor is not expected to gain seats in the state’s Upper House, the Lower House, in Tasmania or in the Senate, where Mr Abbott is the biggest party.

As expected, the Labor Party’s chances in the Lower house and in the Upper house are very slim.

The Nationals are expected to lose one of its three seats in Victoria.

In the Senate the Liberals will have a big fight for the two-thirds majority needed to pass legislation, but it is likely they will not have enough support in either chamber to pass any legislation.

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AUSTRALIA’S major parties are all in play as voters go to the polls in a tight race to form a…

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