Ryan’s 2018 campaign ad shows he’s not interested in political careers

Ryan’s campaign is rolling out a new ad in Pennsylvania targeting the 2018 Democratic gubernatorial election.

It features two people who look like Ryan and talks about his “career.”

“We all made mistakes, Ryan.

We all tried,” the narrator says in the ad.

“We are all human.

We are all going to grow up.

But we can all be better.

We can all get a good job.

We don’t need to be ashamed.”

The ad will air in the Philadelphia suburbs starting Saturday.

Ryan’s ad is the latest salvo in the Republican’s attack on former President Barack Obama’s record.

Ryan has been criticized for not calling out Trump’s racism, but he has also been critical of President Donald Trump’s policies.

The president has continued to call Ryan “Pocahontas” after the Congressional Black Caucus endorsed Ryan in 2018.

Ryan said the ad was aimed at “a certain group” of voters and he was not going to “play the race card.”

“The people who will not vote for me, and I mean this with all my heart, are the people who don’t believe in the first amendment.

And so this is about making sure that they know that,” Ryan said in a statement Thursday.

“If I were to be running for governor of Pennsylvania, it is my mission to do everything I can to make sure that the people of Pennsylvania are informed, and the people are informed about my record and about the issues that I am facing.

I am not running because I want to be a Republican.

I have not run for office because I am a Republican.”

Ryan also attacked the President’s Cabinet picks and criticized a “narrow, divisive agenda” that he said was a direct result of Trump’s election.

“These are the things that got Donald Trump elected, and those are the priorities of the administration that are the most dangerous for our country and the most harmful for our state and our city,” Ryan told reporters Thursday.

Ryan also defended his campaign and said that his campaign is focused on the “progressive agenda” for the state.

He added that he believes the Pennsylvania General Assembly “should be able to govern.”

“What I’m focused on is making sure the Progressive agenda that I want and believe is best for Pennsylvania, is supported by the Progressive leadership,” Ryan added.

Ryan’s campaign is rolling out a new ad in Pennsylvania targeting the 2018 Democratic gubernatorial election.It features two people who…

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