A political comedy from comedian John Montagu is the winner of the MTV Video Music Award

A political comic who was once in prison is now an award-winning comedian.

John Montaguz has won the MTV Music Video Awards, the biggest music video awards in the world.

He won his first award in 2017 for his sketch show, The Political Show, where he used his own name to parody politicians, including President Donald Trump.

He has since made a career of making his own jokes, most notably his parody of The Daily Show host Jon Stewart in which he lampooned the political comedy show.

Montaguz’s show aired on Comedy Central from the mid-2000s until his arrest for threatening a protester in 2010.

He was sentenced to two years in prison for threatening to shoot a protester.

Montagu was born in Mexico City and raised in New York, where his father was a newspaper publisher and his mother a lawyer.

He attended the prestigious University of Southern California, where, according to his LinkedIn page, he majored in political science.

In 2018, he became a founding member of the comedy group, the Groundlings.

He also hosted the show for a decade.

In 2017, he released a stand-up album, The Montagoz Show, which included his new songs and his take on current events.

A political comic who was once in prison is now an award-winning comedian.John Montaguz has won the MTV Music Video…

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