Which Russian president is the most hated in America?

After months of protests and riots, the Russian capital of Moscow is finally starting to look like a normal city.

But there’s a big difference between that and America, where protests have been met with a steady drumbeat of bullets and tear gas.

So it’s not surprising that Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, has decided to make a public apology for the deaths of over 1,000 protesters who were killed during the riots that followed his inauguration in February.

A Russian court sentenced Putin to 15 years in prison on Monday, but he has been granted a pardon.

The president has been making statements since his sentence was handed down in June, but the exact words have not been released publicly.

His comments have also been controversial, with many Americans saying he’s trying to avoid accountability for the protests and blame Russia’s own political problems on the protests.

It’s hard to know what Putin wants from America, especially after a week of protests that have forced the resignation of the president, Donald Trump, and a number of key cabinet members.

But Putin’s comments come after he announced on June 30 that he would pardon former President Bill Clinton for the death of protester Sergei Magnitsky.

Magnitsky was a Russian lawyer who died in jail in 2009 after being accused of tax evasion and tax evasion.

His death was blamed on a Russian law that was passed in 2005, which is against international law.

Magnitskys death sparked mass protests in Russia.

The American government has repeatedly denied Magnitskaya’s murder was politically motivated.

Putin has defended the law.

But on Monday he made a statement blaming the U.S. for the protesters’ deaths and called for an end to the protests that broke out following the inauguration of President Trump.

Putin’s statement came as protests erupted in Russia, a country where anti-government protests have continued unabated.

In the U .

S., the protests were fueled by Trump’s election victory in November.

After the president’s inauguration, protests continued and President Trump, at a campaign rally in Alabama, made several inflammatory statements about protesters.

Trump’s anti-Russia comments and his pardoning of Clinton have drawn criticism from both Democrats and Republicans, but there’s no evidence that Putin has changed his stance.

And he has defended his pardons on multiple occasions.

In July, Putin told the state-run Russian TV channel Russia Today that Clinton “is a patriot” and “has always been a patriot.”

The comments came after a meeting with U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley.

In the same interview, Putin said he has no problem with Haley’s comments and that they were not aimed at her.

The Russian leader has also defended Trump’s decision to pardon former Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Putin told reporters in April that he was not aware of any U.T.S.-style investigations against Sessions, and that he had no idea about Sessions’s past political and personal dealings.

Putin has also said he believes Trump is not “truly a patriot,” and that if he really believes that way, he would not pardon anyone.

After months of protests and riots, the Russian capital of Moscow is finally starting to look like a normal city.But…

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