How to spot a fake news story on social media

The term “fake news” is a new one for the mainstream media.

It has been used by Trump, by the Clinton campaign and by the mainstream press, and the idea that the term is a pejorative for the media is not new.

But in the United States, it has been a term of abuse for years.

It began to become a term that could be used by the right wing to discredit the media and attack political opponents, and it was not until 2016, with Trump’s election, that it was officially used by a large segment of the American electorate.

But that was a long time ago.

The phrase, which has since been co-opted by Trump and his followers, has been around for years and has gained a new meaning for the internet.

It is now part of the conversation on social networking sites and has become part of how people in the US see and hear about news.

The term “post-truth” was coined by the American conservative media outlet The Drudge Report, and is the term used by President Donald Trump’s media team to dismiss stories that don’t fit their narrative.

Trump and his supporters have used the term “revelation bias” to discredit critics, including news organizations, journalists and even members of his own party.

The Drudge report has since picked up on the term and the conservative media has embraced it, using it to dismiss critics, dismiss reporters who don’t toe the party line and even to suggest the media have “a political agenda”.

The term, coined by conservative journalist Charles Krauthammer, is not the first term to be used to describe the use of “fake” news to attack the media, and there have been other examples in recent months.

In June, the US Senate Judiciary Committee issued a subpoena to several news outlets for documents relating to the “Trump dossier”, an unverified dossier compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele that claimed the president was colluding with Russia.

Trump’s son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner was also asked to provide the committee with the documents.

The committee also issued a search warrant for the Trump Organization’s Washington DC offices.

The subpoena was lifted last month.

On the campaign trail, Trump repeatedly called for the dismissal of journalists and members of the media.

He also accused them of being part of a “rigged system” that he would “destroy” and called for them to be fired.

The President has repeatedly claimed he is the victim of a conspiracy and has repeatedly used the word “fake”.

The phrase is a powerful one to use in a way that denigrates people who don´t agree with the way he does things and is a way to discredit people.

It has become a way of attacking people, and you can see that, I think, on social platforms.

But I think it’s a mistake.

I think this is a very dangerous way to use the term, because it’s been used in the past by a very large number of people in this country.

The term has been abused by a number of different people.

The term “fake news” is a new one for the mainstream media.It has been used by Trump, by the Clinton…

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