How to read the 2016 presidential candidates’ speeches

The 2016 presidential race will not be televised live, but it has already been recorded for posterity, and it is one of the few times in history that both candidates have given speeches.

The candidates themselves have been asked for their reactions, and we’ve done our best to put together the best of their responses below.1.

Hillary ClintonThe Democratic nominee for president, who has spent most of her political career as a senator from New York, has spoken for a long time on the importance of health care, social security, education, criminal justice reform, and other issues, as well as her personal belief in equality.

Her speech at the Democratic National Convention on July 28th, in which she promised to “get things done” after the party failed to win the White House in the 2016 elections, was one of her strongest moments of the campaign.2.

Bernie SandersThe self-described democratic socialist has campaigned on issues like a $15 minimum wage and higher taxes on the rich, and his recent speech to the Democratic convention was one in which he talked about his faith, his work with veterans, and the role of the military in the future of America.3.

Martin O’MalleyThe former governor of Maryland has spent the past decade in office, and he was considered a potential candidate for president when he announced his candidacy in 2016, but he is still a candidate to watch.

His campaign has been criticized for his past remarks and for not addressing some of the most controversial issues of the day, like police brutality and racial justice.4.

Martin ShkreliThe hedge fund mogul and self-proclaimed pharmaceutical executive, who was sentenced to five years in prison for defrauding investors in a hedge fund, has become an outspoken advocate for drug pricing reform, immigration reform, climate change, and gay rights.

He has also made his political support for Sanders clear.5.

Martin JonesThe former state attorney general and former Democratic candidate for governor in Kentucky, who recently announced his bid for president and was an early endorser of Sanders, has also been a strong advocate for Sanders.

In his speech at Saturday’s Democratic National convention, Jones said that if elected, he would work with Sanders on a number of issues.6.

Ben CarsonThe retired neurosurgeon has been the only Republican candidate to announce he is running for president as a Republican, and has been an outspoken supporter of Sanders.

Carson has been a frequent critic of the Affordable Care Act and other aspects of the Democratic Party, and a proponent of a strong military and national defense.7.

Ted CruzThe former Texas senator has also announced his campaign for president.

His remarks on Saturday were a strong endorsement of Sanders and a strong condemnation of Donald Trump.8.

Bernie EcclestoneThe billionaire and former Formula One team owner and CEO of Lotus has been one of Bernie Sanders’ biggest supporters.

In March 2016, Eccleston spoke out in support of Sanders in an interview with CNBC, and also praised the Vermont senator’s work on economic inequality and other social issues.9.

Bernie LindseyThe former president of the American Academy of Pediatrics has also endorsed Sanders and spoken out about race relations in America.

Lindsey was one the first black members of the House of Representatives, and endorsed Sanders in June 2016.10.

Martin OdebrechtThe president of Norway’s largest oil company, and former chairman of the Norwegian government, has been among Sanders’ most outspoken supporters.

Odebrekht has been involved in protests against police brutality, including the death of Eric Garner, and supported Sanders during the 2016 campaign.11.

Bernie SanderThe former mayor of Burlington, Vermont, has spent years as a politician and was considered one of Sanders’ strongest supporters in the state.

He announced his political career in 2016 and has remained an outspoken proponent of Sanders as he has become increasingly unpopular with the political establishment.12.

Rand PaulThe Kentucky senator has been campaigning on his views on civil liberties, as he criticized the Bush administration’s use of drones and other surveillance techniques, and was one on Bernie Sanders’s side when he signed legislation to reform surveillance practices.13.

Elizabeth WarrenThe senator from Massachusetts has also criticized the Republican-led Congress and said that the country needed a government of, by, and for the people.

The senator has endorsed Sanders, and called on him to run for president in 2020.14.

Rick SantorumThe former Pennsylvania senator has long been a vocal opponent of the Obama administration and has also publicly supported Sanders.

Santorum’s support for the Democratic presidential candidate has been particularly strong since Sanders won the Democratic nomination in 2016.15.

Donald TrumpThe Republican frontrunner for president has been under fire for some of his more controversial comments in the past, and some of them have even been taken out of context.

In 2016, Trump spoke out about the violence that occurred at a Donald Trump rally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he called for people to “go to hell.”16.

Ben SasseThe Senate Republican leader from Nebraska has been outspoken about

The 2016 presidential race will not be televised live, but it has already been recorded for posterity, and it is…

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