How to help elect the next president of the United States, Trump’s political team says

NEW YORK — A new campaign ad from the Donald Trump campaign says the Republican Party is “on the wrong track” and that “the people of this country are angry.”

The ad was released Thursday, just days before Trump hosts a fundraiser for House Speaker Paul Ryan, the presumptive Republican nominee.

The ad is part of the Trump campaign’s “We Are The People” effort, a new political strategy designed to build support for the presumptive GOP nominee for president.

The Trump campaign released the video in an effort to rally support for Trump’s candidacy and a new national message about the GOP.

It also follows a new fundraising push by the Republican National Committee, which is hoping to raise $5 million by Monday.

Trump and Ryan have been at odds for months over immigration policies, which include some Republicans’ backing for a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

Ryan has said he wants to pass legislation to create a pathway to citizenship.

Trump has said that he will not, and is working to repeal and replace Obama’s executive actions.

The RNC is releasing a new ad titled “A Better America” that promises to get out the vote for the GOP candidate in 2020.

“Trump has been a true conservative who understands the needs of the American people, but he’s a conservative with an agenda of change,” the narrator says.

“The American people are angry.

They want a leader who will stand up for them.

They are ready for change.

And that’s why they want you to be their President.”

Trump has previously been criticized for his tone, which has included his criticism of Mexican immigrants and his harsh rhetoric toward immigrants.

The GOP nominee’s supporters have said his comments about Mexican immigrants have hurt his chances of securing the nomination and that his campaign is trying to tone down his rhetoric and appeal to independents and moderates.

But the Trump team’s video comes at a time when the Trump-Ryan feud has become a serious issue in the race.

Trump himself has taken aim at the Speaker of the House, accusing him of “playing politics” by raising millions of dollars for Ryan and his political action committee.

Trump has also criticized Ryan for the House Republicans’ decision to take out a measure that would allow states to decide whether to extend Medicaid coverage to the undocumented immigrants who are covered by the program.

NEW YORK — A new campaign ad from the Donald Trump campaign says the Republican Party is “on the wrong…

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