How to fix the aboia mess

ABAHABIR, Egypt — The aboía mess has taken a toll on Egyptian politics, with many Egyptians flocking to the streets on Sunday to demand political reform.

In one of the most dramatic demonstrations since President Mohamed Morsi took office in July, more than 1,000 protesters stormed Cairo’s Tahrir Square and set off tear gas canisters.

But the protests did not stem the government’s rapid advance toward the presidency.

The president’s popularity rating remained underwater in a poll published late on Sunday, even though his approval rating among Egyptians has climbed steadily since the uprising in 2013.

The president’s opponents say his authoritarianism has hurt Egypt’s economic prospects and that the military has pushed through a series of controversial decrees that have left Egyptians feeling powerless.

The protests came as Egypt, once a major oil producer, was gripped by an economic crisis that has left millions unemployed and left tens of thousands of families struggling to find food and basic services.

The government blames the economic woes on unrest and corruption.

The demonstrations were largely peaceful.

But a handful of protesters clashed with police in several locations around the capital, including in Cairo’s upscale Tahrir, and a dozen people were killed on Sunday.

The president was widely expected to be sworn in as Egypt’s next president on Monday.

Despite the demonstrations, the new president, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, is expected to keep his job despite a number of reforms he has made since taking office in June.

El-Suez Canal waters have reopened, Egypt’s economy has boomed and Egypt has been awarded the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize.

But many Egyptians remain worried about the impact of the economic upheaval on the country’s future, especially since Egypt has had to contend with the deadly attacks in Paris and Brussels.

There are fears that Egypt will be left behind by other countries, especially the U.S., that have tried to bolster Egypt’s role in the region and forge ties with countries that can help ease the transition to democracy, such as Saudi Arabia.

The government’s political reforms, including the new constitution, the rule of law and a new constitution in which members of the Muslim Brotherhood are elected to the parliament, have led many Egyptians to believe that the president is leading Egypt in the right direction.

Egypt has also been forced to confront questions about the role of the countrys most powerful military leader, General Abdel Fazl al-Sissi, after the military ousted him in July.

The country’s ruling military council, headed by General Sissi since 2013, has become increasingly politicized, with members accusing the president of trying to control Egypt’s future and even of having ties to foreign powers.

Egypt’s military has also accused the Brotherhood of undermining the country by opposing the government and its policies, including by supporting the overthrow of President Mohamed Mursi of the Ummah, the Muslim-majority Muslim Brotherhood group that has ruled Egypt since 2011.

The U.N. Human Rights Council has also called on Egypt to release dozens of political prisoners and investigate allegations of torture and murder by security forces.

ABAHABIR, Egypt — The aboía mess has taken a toll on Egyptian politics, with many Egyptians flocking to the streets…

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