Ben Platt: ‘It’s a very good thing to have a good story’

PBS: “This is the story of how Ben Platts and his family, a struggling artist, went from a little-known family business to the nation’s top law firm and to becoming the leading Democratic presidential nominee in 2020.”

PBS: “Ben Platt’s family business, Platt & Co., became one of the nations leading law firms, serving as a model for small businesses across the country.”

NPR: “Pelosi: Democrats are going to make history.

Platt is going to be the first female president.

Platts family is a big reason why.”

New York Post: “‘My business, my company. “

The Washington Post: “A father of two, Platts has built a family-owned and operated business for more than a quarter-century and is considered a political insider.

“New York Post: “‘My business, my company.

They don’t want to see me get any more power,'” Platts said of the Democrats, according to his daughter-in-law, Kate Platts.

ABC News: “He is one of our biggest political players.

He has been in politics for a long time.

“Politico: “In his career, he has represented the interests of many small businesses, including a family business he founded and owns that makes clothing and other products for artists and small businesses.

He was a key player in the push to get President-elect Trump to support the Keystone XL pipeline, which is now a priority for Democratic politicians.

“Washington Post: Platts “is a powerful Democrat who will bring a lot of credibility to the party, and he’s been the key to all of this.

“Associated Press: “At a time when it’s important for the Democrats to have the best candidate for president, Plats is an indispensable player.

He is the first Democrat to be a nominee of a major party in decades, and the first to be an incumbent in a major city.

“ABCNEWS: “One of the most consequential men in Washington, Platten is one the most formidable politicians in America.

“Wall Street Journal: “His business is in every sense a family.

He owns his own company and his business is a family.

“USA Today: “Platts is the most successful lawyer in America, and a very successful man.

“The New York Times: “Mr. Platten and his wife are the first family of a large, successful law firm to be named in a high-profile murder case, the first time such a story has ever been told in New York City.

“National Review: “If it weren’t for Ben Platten, a lawyer with the name and name of a politician who has been involved in politics since he was 13 years old, we wouldn’t have seen this incredible campaign from the left.

“Vox: “There’s a lot at stake here.

“Los Angeles Times:

PBS: “This is the story of how Ben Platts and his family, a struggling artist, went from a little-known family…

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